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Sidama Demands What, Abiy Demands What? Bi-Directional Dilemmas

Brief Analysis and Feedback on the PM Abiy’s Consultation with Sidama nation in the light of his Diagnosis Procedures of TPLF Neurons System

Good Morning Sidama? Be Calm and Take Deep Breathe to Leap!! /Musie A. Getu, Winnipeg/


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has an intention to stay as an Ethiopian Prime Minister in the upcoming election for term-one and a President for term-two by amending the constitution to remain on the power for the coming decade plus.


PM Dr. Abiy has been undertaking diagnosis on the TPLF’s Neurons System in order to remove stumbling blocks from the paths of democratic transformation, justice, good governance, peace, national security and stability through constitutional amendment, national restructuring and regional integration of East Africa.


Biologists tell us that the most important part of our body is nervous system. This system comprises three vital components known as brain, spine and neurons. An ultimate head of the system is brain, which referred to be the command center. The brain or command center would be fully functional if and only if there are healthy and functional spine and neurons. If the spine and neurons malfunctioned, the central command would destroy itself because of communication blockage. As all of us aware of that every person will be healthy and alive with healthy functioning of his/her brain, spinal cord and messenger neurons. Messenger neurons allow forward & backward movements of instructions being synthesised in brain. The impulse of message discharged from brain are like a fire and live munitions in order to convey an intended message all over the body in micro-seconds. If neurons get distracted at some point, person’s health would fall in jeopardy. Spinal cord is an infrastructure or high way to channel the message that synthesised by brain and convey it to every neuron system. In order to paralyze the systems of a person and make whole body malfunctional, it is not necessarily important to chop off his/her head or brain; just destroying the spinal cord is enough. Thus, the fire message generated in the brain consumes and finally kills him/her without paying much sacrifices.

In the past 27 years, TPLF has utilized itself as a brain, regional states as a spinal cord and cadres as neurons system. There are two options to dismantle TPLF/EPRDF: 1) Totally Destroying TPLF; or 2) Totally Destroying Spinal Cord and Neurons system without touching the TPLF. The cost of the first option is very high, and it would cause irreparable and irreversible consequences at larger scale. Now, Team Lemma and PM Abiy have preferred the second approach. The Fire of Reform has been ignited inside OPDO, spread out to ANDM and finally engulfed the whole EPRDF. Hence, Team Lemma and Gedu became champion putting Dr. Abiy [OPDO Guru] on top as a Prime Minister. This shows that 67% of the TPLF/EPRDF spinal cord has denatured leaving SPDM as connected to TPLF temporarily. Meanwhile, PM Abiy took remarkable and courageous measures to open up political space, to release political and conscience prisoners, to cheer up Ethiopians through his humble and loveable speeches, to astonish global communities, to campaign for East Africans Economic & Political Integration, and to liberalize state owned economy into State-Private Joint Ventured Economic Model. These are tactics in one hand and strategies in other hand to limit the span of TPLF’s rebellious manner.

Moreover, the catastrophic incidents orchestrated and took place in Wolikite City in Guraghe Zone, Hawassa City in Sidama Zone and Wolayita Sodo City in Wolayita Zone recently, which became cause for death of 15 people and bodily damage for hundreds and property damages and displacement for thousands, has created favourable environment for the PM Abiy to step in and take public consultation stages instantly in order to fire SPDM core leadership/cadres those have been serving the interests and agendas of the TPLF. Time is over for Shiferaw Shigutie and Siraji Fargessa including their accessories. That means in short, the TPLF spinal cord is collapsed 95%. Because of that PM Abiy will not rush into restructuring neither SNNPR state nor the nation-wide. He is now installing Abiy’s EPRDF gradually by conquering Oromia, Amhara and SNNP regional states. As he summoned to convey nation-wide message with respect to conflict prone regions at the parliament hall before leaving for Hawassa for public consultation with Sidama, Wolayita, Guraghe and Qewena people, he offered the chance to local authorities of Sidama Zone, Wolayita Zone, Guraghe Zone and BenShangul-Gumuz Regional State immediately on voluntarily basis as a conclusion remark of his visit to south citing that they are morally and legally unfit to govern those peoples because they couldn’t able to avoid/manage conflicts and disputes.

Now, the next task for PM Abiy is to dismantle dictators’ regime of Afar and Somali Regional States, such as like Abidi Ahimed Elle dictatorships. Step by steps he will totally denature the spinal cord and neurons system of TPLF channels and messengers. Finally, the remaining part of the nervous system will be only the brain, which means the TPLF. As natural, the brain continues generating impulse that would be sent to the whole-body parts of an organism. But in the absence of spinal cord and neurons system, there is no way to convey the message to body parts. Conversely, there is no other mechanism to cull that message once it has been synthesised and ultimately the message starts consuming and firing up the brain itself. Momentarily, the TPLF is facing that reality. Its veteran founders and leaders have flown from Addis Ababa and fortified in Mekele. Sensing that their spinal cord and neurons system has been denatured, they are trying to stumble PM Abiy’s race and momentum. They undertook rally in Mekele City today and poured down false propagandas and statements so as to deceive Tigray people not to participate in change process happening nationally. Knowing that there is no forest or caves to hide themselves, they are agitating Tigray people to stand against the PM accusing as if he has conspired with OLF, Ginbot 7 and Shabia.

Therefore, this is a golden opportunity for all Ethiopia people including Tigray people to join Team Leamma/Gedu and rally behind the PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed in order to ensure holistic changes and democratic transformations throughout the country. The rally that will be held in Addis Ababa tomorrow is part and parcel of public support for PM Abiy to counter the TPLF’s aggression. Similar rallies should take place in every corner of the country subsequently by active participation of people on voluntarily basis. I recommend that the same must be done in Hawassa, all Sidama towns, Wolayita Sodo and Wolikite in order to verify Abiyic system is installed in southern region fully. That will ultimately ensure that the death of TPLF by itself without firing any bullet and paying more casualties.


Prime Minister Doctor Abiy will be exercising the following methodologies, strategies and tactics to leverage his power and popularity in national, regional, continental and global arenas.
1. Public Consultation Stages
2. Diplomacy
3. Systemic Overhauling and Reform
4. Conflicts and Disputes Resolution Commission
5. Widening Political Space/Sphere for Constructive Competition
6. Subject Matter Experts Opinion
7. Election
8. Constitutional Amendment
9. African Regional Economic & Political Integration

Logical Arguments

On the Prime Minister Abiy and Sidama Nation consultative meeting held in Hawassa city this week, all Sidama representatives have presented and defended the Sidama Nation Self-governing Regional State Quest. There was no fear and frustration. All Sidamas those who took stage on this event have expressed the concern fluently and coherently just like lecturers rather than being act like students in front of the prime minister Dr. Abiy. This shows that how Sidama is knowledgeable, intellectual and professional focussing on the subject matter without wandering around the bush and blaming neighbouring peoples/nations for the catastrophic incident perished many innocent lives. Sidamas’ struggle with brutal regimes was pronounced publicly. The lofty sacrifices of Sidama heroes and the achievements of the Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM) in terms of confronting Derge regime, despite of that all effort have been buried by TPLF in the past 27 years, were also put forward to the prime minister.

However, while responding to Sidama nation, the PM seemed got annoyed. As the EPRDF prime minister, he was not comfortable to pronounce and champion Sidama Liberation Movement because he has been an agent of TPLF/EPRDF in the entire 27 years to dismantle opposition political movements. Moreover, he critically observed the tone and emotion of Sidama people during a presentation session and counted SLM as threat to pose risk for his election after two years period. Hence, he has utterly denounced SLM. In the process of change movement, the guy is ensuring public support for his election. That is why he boldly told us to wait for two more years patiently. This time is either testing time for Sidama to rally behind totally or, otherwise, conduct survey from across the country and create conducive national structure after the upcoming national election.

Still he did not respond “YES or NO” to Sidama demand. Instead he has concluded the session with ‘give me time’ strong argument. He argued that you could wait for more two years because you have already waited for 27 years. He also said at one instance, ‘I do not dive my hands into others’ crimes.’ He also added what if Hadiya, Kambata and other people get discomforted, when I say okay to Sidama people. Moreover, he gave an assignment back to Sidamas to research and review the significance of this question in terms of dismantling SNPPR state abruptly and he also took the same assignment to deal with Team Lemma/Gedu and other colleagues. It is real dilemma for both the Sidama people and the Prime Minister! The whole totality here is “WIIFM” question. WIIFM is a short form of business/political terminology for bargaining and negotiation. The meaning of WIIFM is What Is In there For Me? This implies that PM Dr. Abiy has demanded Sidama’s bid to support him now in the change process and elect him in the upcoming election too in plain English. He has reiterated this notion by providing several examples such as Lion-Hyena-Fox Joint Venture, King Solomon’s Judiciary Tactics, Moses Leadership & People’s Disobedience, and the Woman’s Request to Mahthama Gandi Judgement. He doesn’t like SLM.


What did PM ask Sidama Nation during the consultation meeting on Regional State Quest? In plain language, PM Dr. Abiy has demanded Sidama People, “What is my Stake in your regional cause?” That means he asked for WIIFM question: What Is In For Me? That is why he said that let us take time and meditate over it. This implies that at this moment his is not quite sure about the tomorrow’s structure of the country. But, he is certain about he will become two-terms Ethiopian PM & President. He needed time to overhaul an existing system and create a new system that would enable him to mount on the top and enhance democratic processes throughout the country. So that Dr. Abiy has started lecturing/teaching “Give & then, Take” political calculus mathematics course for all Ethiopians.

He has made clear his intentions in several stages and statements expressing as he needs recognition and support from all Ethiopians for what he is doing without any compromise. He signalled that while responding for his critics of saying ‘All Talk but No Action’ as actions can be derived from words, “if you like to discourage my efforts while working 24/7, would you think this momentum move far?” and so on. I am proud of all Sidamas young, old, woman and man who have defended Sidama State issue representing the whole Sidama nation during the consultative meeting with the prime minister. If I were a judge/jury, I would award all Sidamas a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) of Ethiopian Constitutional Rights. You are well defended your thesis smartly and outspokenly. However, the prime minister is not happy at all. Is he jealous? No. In my opinion, he got astonished by the knowledge and self-confidence to some degree. On other hand, he is also worried not to be guilty by obscuring truth and justice.

Therefore, he chose middle route and demanded for extra time. He clearly, said that please wait for two years patiently for 27 years aren’t hard as compared with two years? Here is the clue: Prime Minister is in a Bargaining Mood. He needs all Sidama to be his supporter and remains member of the so-called ‘Abiy’s EPRDF’ in the first place in order to mount him on top during upcoming election period as a Prime Minister. Secondly, he preferred to discourage or denounce the outshining Sidama National Movement through Ejjetto Group and affiliated political organs coalition. Thirdly, he wishes to amend the constitution once he would have been secured is Primer Position through an election and would change the existing Prime Ministerial government system into Presidential government system to pave ground for the second term election and to become president of Ethiopia. Therefore, he is in a dilemma whether the existing national structure would continue or not. In the same token, Sidama is also in a dilemma and stood on cross road. Hence, this is a critical moment for Sidamas to think critically and get prepared strategically in a professional manner.

Let Truth and Light Prevails Forever! June 22, 2018